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Shine: 100 Women of Long Branch hits it’s stride with number 62!

I am really revved up about reaching the top of the mountain and beggining the photographic sessions for the second half of my 100 women. It has been nothing short of challenging making each portrait as unique as each women is. There are many considerations and it is absolutely my job to image these women in the best light, allowing them to see their own beauty. It has been a great adventure collaborating and creating each individual portrait.

Shannon Nutley The first of the second half #51

I do have something to add to this and I want to say it out loud, You are photogenic, you are beautiful and you have something to show the camera (the viewer) that speaks to who you are. A portrait is not a picture of you it is a story with light.

Please don’t be hard on yourself when I raise the camera to look at you. I study the human face and know many different poses for many sizes and shapes. This is what professional photographers do, make people look good. Lets look to the positive aspect of being photographed show all your love and I promise you will see how beautiful you are through my lens.

one more note to the 62 women i have photographed so far: PLEASE write your statements and choose your favorite images so I can be complete by mid summer. Thanks you for visiting.


With Some Help Shine Moves Forward

Thank You if you have or are considering donating.
Because of your support we will get this done.

Photography will be completed by Labor Day, then on to the brochure.

The big challenge right now is inviting and scheduling 100 women to have their photo session done.

Just in a nick of time, three phenomenal women of LB stepped up to help me with the organization, strategy and fundraising. They are #23, Cindy Newman, #24, Mary MacDonnell and #25, Jamie Hayes.
I love this little City by the Sea.
care to donate? click on the link?
Meet, women #7 Gloria Saroya





Jack & Jill have just about completed their journey up the hill…

photocrati gallery
One of the best things about being a portrait photographer is watching my families grow. Last weekend was no exception but it blows my mind that we were at Jill’s baby shower whe it seems like just yesterday that we were doing family portraits and jill was a kid.
Missy held the party in the beautiful atrium of Red Bank’s Three River Theater.
A delightful room with gentle winter light this time of year, airy and grand but still intimate. What a wonderful shower Missy threw for her daughter and future grandson.
Like Missy (Mama) Jill will be an amazing mom. What a lovely family and I am lucky to tell their story.
Take a look, it was a nice day.