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Beautiful Senior Alex

photocrati galleryWhen Suzie called and told me Alex wanted me to do her senior portrait of course I was more than happy. Not only do I get to photograph a senior, which is always tons of fun, I get to see how Alex has grown up.

What a beautiful teenager Alexandra has become. poised, confident, fun, funny, smart and sensible.

It’s an honor to be asked to photograph Alex at this stage of her life. I’ve been watching her grow up in front of my  lens since the Sand Sharks Swim Team at Sands 8 years ago.

Here is a few shots from the day. Susie was hair and Makeup but mostly She hung with my Sara and they discussed what Jagars moves are!

I used my 70- 200 mm Canon lens on my 5D mark 2 as well as an off camera speedlight source in a chimera 24 inch box. I dressed the light with lite grid  and a heavy diffusion with a bastard Amber gel closest to the source. ( TJ held my light and did a wonderful job.)

The background all about timing, I love civil twilight. We shot this at North Beach, Long Branch. So sad after going to monmouth Beach, Irene really beat the heck out of it

Thanks Susuie and Alex, it was fun.


Clara- values LB’s future Arts District

photocrati gallery

Clara and her family are native Monmouth County Jersey folk. They moved away to Nebraska due to work four years ago. When they come back to visit it becomes a priority to get some senior images of Clara- RIGHT HERE IN BEAUTIFUL DOWNTOWN LONG BRANCH!

we also needed to visit the plush woods and the awesome beach at sunset.

But what could not be passed up were making part of our session at the fabulous walls of  the future downtown arts district on Lower Broadway.

The draw to this artwork and it’s possibilities is so strong that even as lower broadway remains in disarray awaiting it’s fate,  family folk want pictures infront of these murals. Let’s face it, It’s vibrant, exciting and theres nowhere like it.

Again my plea goes out-Let’s keep our lower Broadway for the arts! Don’t fill it with expensive cllothing stores and more restaurants. If we build an amazing artistic center, they will come! It’s proof, these folks had no problem stepping over the broken glass, garbage and even worse items to have a picture taken in this enviornment to savior forever in their memories. Just think what it would be like if it was cleaned up a little but left this neighborhood to the creative community to develop.

Maybe give them some funding to make it great…It can be done! It would be great!