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Half way there……..

#34 Luciana Silva

Thanks to those of my 56 Women who have chosen your favorite images and completed your statement/bios! Sorry for the pressure but Shine’s Map must to go to print early this summer. November 3rd is the opening at the library but completing Shine by July 31 is the challanging goal. Its you who can help me reach my goal.

Right now I am in the process of scheduling 44 more women to reach our 100. I am in contact with all of you and from my perspective it looks like one of me and one hundred of you!

If you are waiting for me to call you again – DON’T! Just pick up your phone, get on your email, text me, find me, tell me your ideas, when we can shoot or read/send me your statements, I am here.
Thanks all 56 of you and thanks to my future 44 participants for being part of Shine. I am blown away by your support. You are all truly amazing, I know, I have spent and will spend time with each and everyone of you!
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Thank You Long Branch Rotary Club for inviting me to share “SHINE”

I was really excited when Michael Ciavolino asked me to speak at the Long Branch Rotary Club’s weekly lunch at Rooney’s. I was brought into his office by Patty Booth after she spent time in front of my lens and became #16 of the 100 Women of Long Branch. It all seemed natural. The project Shine had begun to take on it’s own momentum.

When someone asks about the community installation Shine :100 Women of Long Branch, opening November 3, 2016 at the Long Branch Public Library, I don’t have to say too much, the buzz is out there.  When I spoke to Mike C in September 2015, I was still unclear as to how and what I could possibly say about the show except the bare bones.

Fast forward six months to me at the rotary’s podium and there was so much to share. The project “Shine” had grown exponentially since my first meeting with Mike. Through these photographs a community dialogue has already begun between citizens, merchants and employees of our city by the sea. To date I have recorded 29 women, in order to complete my 100 I must create 4 portraits a week by Labor day. Then we begin work on the brochure that will introduce each women in her own words.

The phenomena “Shine” is setting the stage for a city wide networking event like none other. The social power of a photographic project of this nature is  bigger than I first anticipated. The results confirm that photography is a medium that can create social change,  My intention is to collect images of a racially mixed, religious and economically diverse culture and create a event that will make our community closer and more aware of its strength and potential.

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With Some Help Shine Moves Forward

Thank You if you have or are considering donating.
Because of your support we will get this done.

Photography will be completed by Labor Day, then on to the brochure.

The big challenge right now is inviting and scheduling 100 women to have their photo session done.

Just in a nick of time, three phenomenal women of LB stepped up to help me with the organization, strategy and fundraising. They are #23, Cindy Newman, #24, Mary MacDonnell and #25, Jamie Hayes.
I love this little City by the Sea.
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Meet, women #7 Gloria Saroya





#23 of SHINE: 100 Women of Long Branch

Meet Woman #23, Valerie Whitaker, Artistic Director of Asaye Dance Studio, 190 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ.

She is one of the 100 women to be featured in the exhibition “SHINE: 100 Women of Long Branch” slated to open in the Long Branch Public Library in November 2016.

Presently I am in the midst of making images and collecting and coordinating the women who will participate in the show. It is an immense undertaking and a bit nightmarish to organize but I’m excited about the prospect of the community coming together around this exhibition.

To date I have the generous support from Long Branch Arts Council and presently waiting to hear from Monmouth Arts about a mini grant.

I have also received private donations from some of the women participating. As helpful as this is and I couldn’t move forward without the funding I have received so far, I still need to raise more money to pay for our supplies such as media, ink, printing the images and designing and printing the brochure that will accompany the installation.

If you are interested in finding out more about SHINE or have any questions, suggestions, or would like to volunteer and get the women scheduled for their photo sessions, please call me. If you would like to make a donation I am available to discuss that as well.

I am proud of our little City by the Sea and installing this project is my way of celebrating the Centennial of the Long Branch Free Public Library next November.
One of the benefits to the library and the community at large is a salute to Long Branch’s diversity. Part of the interactive nature of this public work will lie with the women who participated. We expect our portrait subjects will invite their family and friends to come and enjoy SHINE. Given the unique demographic of Long Branch and of the woman whose images will comprise the installation the opening will create a community-wide networking event like never before in Long Branch. We will celebrate Long Branch’s citizens and merchants, the people who comprise our city.

Thank you for reading up on shine and meeting woman # 23 to find out more please visit  Asaye Dance Studio website

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