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Half way there……..

#34 Luciana Silva

Thanks to those of my 56 Women who have chosen your favorite images and completed your statement/bios! Sorry for the pressure but Shine’s Map must to go to print early this summer. November 3rd is the opening at the library but completing Shine by July 31 is the challanging goal. Its you who can help me reach my goal.

Right now I am in the process of scheduling 44 more women to reach our 100. I am in contact with all of you and from my perspective it looks like one of me and one hundred of you!

If you are waiting for me to call you again – DON’T! Just pick up your phone, get on your email, text me, find me, tell me your ideas, when we can shoot or read/send me your statements, I am here.
Thanks all 56 of you and thanks to my future 44 participants for being part of Shine. I am blown away by your support. You are all truly amazing, I know, I have spent and will spend time with each and everyone of you!
woman 0

Shine: 100 Women of Long Branch hits it’s stride with number 62!

I am really revved up about reaching the top of the mountain and beggining the photographic sessions for the second half of my 100 women. It has been nothing short of challenging making each portrait as unique as each women is. There are many considerations and it is absolutely my job to image these women in the best light, allowing them to see their own beauty. It has been a great adventure collaborating and creating each individual portrait.

Shannon Nutley The first of the second half #51

I do have something to add to this and I want to say it out loud, You are photogenic, you are beautiful and you have something to show the camera (the viewer) that speaks to who you are. A portrait is not a picture of you it is a story with light.

Please don’t be hard on yourself when I raise the camera to look at you. I study the human face and know many different poses for many sizes and shapes. This is what professional photographers do, make people look good. Lets look to the positive aspect of being photographed show all your love and I promise you will see how beautiful you are through my lens.

one more note to the 62 women i have photographed so far: PLEASE write your statements and choose your favorite images so I can be complete by mid summer. Thanks you for visiting.