Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Old FireTower

One great location for winter photography is the old FireTower.  The most favorable conditions for shooting the tower is a blanket of snow and barren trees and wild rose bramble for framing our subject. This antique historic landmark is being preserved well and was recently updated with new windows. The wild landscaping is unkempt which adds favorably to the sinister feel of the clapboard structure. However moving around the bramble is far from comfortable and I always rip something on the pricker bushes. On this day it was bright and snowy so I put on my Singh Ray variable ND filter, set my ISO at 200 with an  F stop 13.0 and my shutter was 1/10th of a sec. I shot with my tripod to insure no camera shake. I chose these settings so I could capture the ambiance and saturate the colors.


My friend Diana and I met at the tower. Its always more fun to shoot with friends.. We met at 3:30 hoping to get some good light and precisley as we arrived two red tailed hawks landed on top of the tower. We hustled to build our cameras and grab a few frames while the birds hopped around flirting with each other. It was like opening credits to a b rated scary movie.

My friend was ready with her camera but I was bogged down with my stuff. I fumbled my way to get three shots while Diana had been clicking away wither 300 mm.

Today’s Tip: Have your camera built and ready to go before you arrive at your intended location.  You never know when a subject will reveal itself and you won’t want to miss it.