Monthly Archives: March 2011

Urban Jungle: Our City By The Sea is dressed by Graffiti Artists

photocrati gallery
When it came time to launch my new website I needed a splash page to invite viewers to choose their entry either into my flash site or my HTML site.
So I asked friends and neighbors if they would come downtown to the end of the world and lend me their kids for a photo shoot that intended to integrate with the amazing art that has appeared while our city by the sea pauses before it is rejuvinated. This gallery of the streets is temporary as all graffiti art is. In times to come the aesthitic will change and the appeal will alter to a different crowd but for the meantime I have been enjoying this Urban Jungle for it’s amazing and colorful scenics.
Thank you artists of the streets, I wish I knew you- maybe by chance we could meet?
Thanks also to Ben Simard, Elery and Archer Benedict, Brianna and Devin Hills and my own Sara Phox

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